E2394. Review of Rib Unfurling Reconstructions for Rapid Review of Fractures and Malignancy
  1. Franco Verde; Johns Hopkins Hospital
Rib unfolding is an advanced visualization technique, accessible via the Syngo.via platform, that can help the interpreting radiologist quickly access for location and number of fractures and presence of metastases in one short imaging stack. This education exhibit displays a variety of fractures that detection and numbering are quickly accessed via this unfolding reconstruction. In addition to fractures, the presence of malignancy is also quickly accessed via this reconstruction.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
Use of rib unfolding for rapid detection and characterization of rib pathology.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Rib unfolding reconstructions can be made automatically. Review of rib unfolded reconstructions improves accuracy and decreases interpretation time.

Rib unfolding reconstruction is an advanced visualization technique to save time and improve the accuracy of the interpreting radiologist in the setting of trauma and malignancy. It can be easily accessible if the radiologist has access to associated advanced visualization platform.