E2094. Bursa, the Virtual Space: A Review of Sonographic Anatomy, Pathology, and Treatment Options of Bursal Structures
  1. Chad Klochko; Henry Ford Hospital
  2. Laurie Geiger; Henry Ford Hospital
  3. Yathreb Almansuri ; Henry Ford Hospital
  4. Brianna Giordano; Henry Ford Hospital
  5. Sarah Wakefield ; Henry Ford Hospital
  6. Mary Bynog ; Henry Ford Hospital
  7. Alexa Shaba ; Henry Ford Hospital
Table of Contents / Outline: • Review of normal anatomy o Why it is a virtual space o Cellular Layers o Normal sonographic appearance o Expected anatomic locations

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
Teaching Points: 1. Review of normal anatomy of the bursa including its macro and microscopic structures, and its expected locations. 2. Review of pathological findings and differential considerations 3. Review of image-guided treatment options of select bursal pathology

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
• Review of pathological findings o Pathology o Bursitis o Inflammatory o Infectious o Calcific o Differential considerations o Communicating vs. Non communicating Bursa o Differentiating Bursa vs. Ganglion o Para-labral cysts o Cancer?

• Treatment options o Aspiration o Steroid Injection o Calcium breakup / Tenex o Surgical options for refractory cases