E1739. Benign Anatomy-Related Causes of Wrist and Elbow Pain
  1. Sarah Thomas; University of Pennsylvania
  2. Jennifer Levy; University of Pennsylvania
  3. Stephanie Jo; University of Pennsylvania
There are numerous causes of wrist and elbow pain. While many of them are post-traumatic and degenerative in nature, this presentation reviews benign anatomy-related causes of snapping wrist and ulnar neuropathy at the wrist and elbow.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
The goals of this exhibit are to become familiar with the imaging findings of benign anatomic conditions that can lead to snapping wrist and ulnar neuropathy and to understand their procedural and surgical management.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
In this presentation, we focus on causes of pain that arise from benign anatomy, such as extensor compartment septation, stenosing tenosynovitis, ganglion cysts, and carpal coalition on ultrasound and MRI imaging.

There are benign anatomic structures that can cause wrist and elbow pain, and these may be managed by ultrasound-guided injection or surgery.