E1585. Dynamic Chest Radiography is a New Method to Improve the Diagnosability of Ground-Glass Opacity Nodule
  1. Jun Torii; National Cancer Center Hospital
  2. Seiya Mochizuki; National Cancer Center Hospital
  3. Naoya Ikeno; National Cancer Center Hospital
  4. Toshihiro Ishihara; National Cancer Center Hospital
  5. Hiroaki Narita; Konica Minolta, Inc.
  6. Nobuyuki Niwa; Kyoto Kagaku Co., Ltd.
  7. Tomohiko Aso; National Cancer Center Hospital
The chest X-ray has long been playing the role of the diagnosis of abnormalities based on anatomical findings. But respiratory and cardiovascular diseases can be more accurately diagnosed when respiratory and cardiovascular functions are evaluated in addition to anatomical findings. We can observe the whole lungs in real time with the large field of view (FOV) in dynamic chest radiography.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
The purpose of this exhibit is even though the dose for dynamic chest radiography is lower than the total dose for chest PA (frontal) and lateral chest radiographs recommended by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), we can acquire more information heart beats and diaphragm kinetics. Dynamic chest radiography improves the diagnosability of Ground-Glass Opacity Nodule on the ribs and behind the diaphragm compared to conventional chest X-ray.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Outline of dynamic chest radiographic system. Dynamic chest radiographic system is a new method that enables visualization and quantification of pulmonary and cardiovascular functions while being as simple in operation as a conventional X-ray system. Introduction of the newly developed dynamic chest phantom. Using the dynamic chest phantom, we present the result of the diagnosability of Ground-Glass Opacity Nodule (GGN) in chest X-ray and dynamic chest radiography. When we placed various GGN at various positions in the lung field and verified using Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC), the detection rate was significantly increased in dynamic chest radiography.

It is important that dynamic chest radiography make it easier ,i.e. improve detection to observe GGN behind ribs and diaphragm.It is expected that dynamic chest radiography for lung cancer screening will increase the possibility of detecting lung cancer at an earlier stage with a lower dose than chest X-ray.