E1423. Radiologist's Role in Work Up of Dysphagia: Forgotten Maneuvers for Demonstrating Strictures, Webs, Rings and Sliding Hiatal Hernias
  1. Agnes Guthrie; UT Health McGovern Medical School
We seek to improve understanding and standards for functional and structural assessment which can be achieved by the fluoroscopic examination and imaging of the esophagus.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
Teaching and performing an adequate Esophagram should include techniques for achieving full distention of the esophagus to help find webs, strictures or extrinsic compressions.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
We show how to demonstrate the variable position of lower esophageal sphincter and the cardia and the technique for demonstrating sliding hiatus hernias. We show the usefulness of the Barium tablet in detecting hard to diagnose strictures, which is helpful not only to radiologist but also to the patient by teaching him/her about the critical size bolus preparation.

The targeted audience: trainees in radiologic education as well as other radiologists interested in performing and understanding these diagnostic studies.