E1087. Sink Your Teeth into Mandibular Pathology: An Overview of Odontogenesis and Mandibular Lesions
  1. Brett Larsen; Creighton University Arizona
  2. Saro Avedikian; University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix
  3. Daniel Gridley; Creighton University Arizona
Mandibular lesions encompass a broad range of pathologies – both odontogenic and non-odontogenic in origin. These lesions can have varying appearances on imaging with many demonstrating overlapping features. Thus, determining the differential of mandibular lesions is difficult due to the large range of pathologic processes. This exhibit will help the radiologist become more comfortable with odontogenesis and imaging characteristics of the more common and classic lesions, allowing for a more confident and accurate diagnosis.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
Understand the basic process of odontogenesis. Become familiar with mandibular anatomy. Become familiar with commonly encountered lytic mandibular lesions and their appearance on varying modalities.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Detailed illustrations of mandibular lesions. Radiographic, CT, and MR imaging of mandibular lesions.

Lesions of the mandible are commonly encountered in radiology. A basic knowledge of odontogenesis, mandibular anatomy, and the common lesions will give the basis of identifying and generating a differential diagnosis.