E1078. Crucial Catches: Category 4 Findings on Abbreviated Breast MRI
  1. Tom Soker; University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
  2. Robert Devita; University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
  3. Holly Marshall; University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
Breast MRI continues to have an increasing role in the field of breast imaging, particularly cancer screening. The increased sensitivity in detecting breast cancers and lack of radiation make it an ideal modality for evaluation of women with dense breasts and those with an increased risk of breast cancer. In recent years, abbreviated breast MRI has developed an increased role in breast cancer screening. There is an established BIRADS lexicon for MRI and more facilities continue to adopt screening breast MRI throughout the country. While breast imagers are gaining familiarity with breast MRI, it is still quite new compared to mammography and ultrasound.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
Develop a preliminary understanding of breast MRI including protocols, indications, and clinical outcomes. Understand the criteria for calling a finding suspicious on breast MRI. Recognize and report suspicious findings on breast MRI. Develop the ability to correlate findings on breast MRI with mammography and ultrasound findings.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
This educational exhibit will begin with an overview of breast MRI indications, protocols, and clinical outcomes. It will then demonstrate suspicious characteristics on breast MRI as described in the BIRADS lexicon and provide examples of both malignant and benign findings assigned a BIRADS category 4. Additionally, there will be corresponding mammographic and ultrasound images for correlation with MRI.

MRI is a relatively new breast imaging modality compared to mammography and ultrasound and continues to gain utilization. It is imperative for breast imagers to become familiar with the MRI BIRADS lexicon to identify suspicious findings that warrant further evaluation and biopsy.