E1013. Kicking The Tires: The Virtual Evaluation of Radiology Equipment In the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Look at Virtual Advertising and Sales
  1. Lillian Chiu; New York Medical College
  2. John Paul Michaud; New York Medical College
  3. Jared Meshekow; Westchester Medical Center
  4. Joseph Dobtsis; NYC Health + Hospitals / Harlem - Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons
  5. Perry Gerard; Westchester Medical Center
The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way radiologists view and purchase equipment for their institutions. Changes have been made in the methods of marketing, advertising and promotion of radiology equipment. Companies have to evaluate their thinking of how to adjust marketing campaigns to create an aggressive approach to sell equipment when radiologists are in attendance at virtual meetings. When radiologists were in live meeting attendance they could see live demonstrations, interact with the equipment and so called "kick the tires" as when purchasing a new car. We discuss methods that radiologists and companies may use to educate and better deal with the educational landscape during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and beyond.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
-During COVID-19 pandemic times, conferences have been conducted virtually with online programs, conferences and presentations. The inability to attend conferences live presents challenges from various standpoints including viewing radiology equipment for departmental purchase. Company upgrades and advances in new equipment cannot be viewed in real time. -We discuss methods that companies may use to get information across and deal with competitive landscapes as consumer and institutional spending habits are altered. There must be more empathy and emotional connections to customers. -As this can have an impact on industry sectors, there must be new strategic plans to advertise products and services, which include videos, virtual demonstrations, social media, speaking with others that own similar equipment for recommendations. - We discuss the various methods radiologists can use to prepare, adapt, and educate to purchase important new equipment for their departments during COVID-19 times.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques

In the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, radiologists, managers and leadership must remain responsible for the safety of employees and general public to eliminate opportunity to spread the virus. Radiology organizations have changed protocols to present virtual meetings which includes online presentations. This lacks the face to face connections which helped develop relationships and trust. Radiologists can view equipment virtually; however the large meeting equipment displays lack the in-person component and some company equipment may never get recognized. Organizations may view videos, web related sales, speak with individuals at other institutions with similar equipment. We discuss the various methods radiologists can use to prepare, adapt, and educate to purchase important new equipment for their departments during COVID-19 times, and beyond.