E1012. Conspicuously Absent: Methods of Preparing and Looking Your Best For the Virtual Radiology Interview in the COVID-19 Pandemic
  1. Patrick Kennedy; Greenwich Hospital
  2. Lillian Chiu; New York Medical College
  3. Jared Meshekow; Westchester Medical Center
  4. Anthony Gilet; Westchester Medical Center
  5. Perry Gerard; Westchester Medical Center
The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed social interactions, both in the professional world and socially. Residency candidates for this application cycle face the unique challenge of virtual interviews. With this change, preparing for radiology residency interviews has new considerations. This presentation will highlight various aspects to consider regarding virtual radiology interviews and how to approach them.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
1. Hardware - microphone, camera and computer quality 2. Software - familiarizing oneself with the different programs the interviewers may utilize 3. Connection - internet connection quality testing and ways to improve 4. Lighting - finding the proper amount of lighting on one’s face vs background 5. Positioning - ratio of self to background on one’s screen 6. Personal Appearance - Clothing, jewelry, makeup and facial hair 7. Background - choosing the content of the room behind you for maximum benefit 8. Disturbances - minimizing outside interruptions from pets, family, phones and computer notification. 9. Etiquette - understanding speaking etiquette whether one-on-one or in a group interview 10. Testing - utilizing test runs and practice interviews with feedback from a colleague

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques

With the rise of video conferencing as a standard of communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, radiology interviews will be held virtually for the near future. While some previous concerns are no longer an issue, there are new aspects that must be considered. Importantly, familiarizing oneself with the technology and understanding the etiquettes and expectations will help prepare the radiology applicant for a smooth interview process.