2282. First Experience with a Novel Contrast Media Injection System in Coronary Computed Tomography Angiography
Authors * Denotes Presenting Author
  1. Vincent Giovagnoli *; Medical University of South Carolina
  2. Tyler Leonard; Medical University of South Carolina
  3. Tilman Emrich; Medical University of South Carolina
  4. Akos Varga-Szemes; Medical University of South Carolina
  5. Richard Bayer; Medical University of South Carolina
  6. Simon Martin; Medical University of South Carolina
  7. U. Joseph Schoepf; Medical University of South Carolina
The recently introduced novel injection system (MEDRAD Stellant FLEX CT, Bayer) has been developed for the optimization of contrast material (CM) delivery. This injector employs a dual syringe power injection system and includes a modern injector head and syringe design. The aim of this study was to evaluate the new CM injection system in patients undergoing coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA).

Materials and Methods:
In this single-center study, 71 consecutive patients (33 men; mean age, 59.0±14.5 years), who underwent CCTA between February and April 2019 using the novel CM injection system (Stellant FLEX) were retrospectively included. Quantitative and qualitative image quality parameters were assessed. Additionally, usability and operational efficiency of the injection system was evaluated. Results were compared to a matched control group of patients who underwent CCTA using a standard injection system (Stellant).

All examinations were rated as diagnostic. Contrast enhancement in the coronary arteries ranged from 276.7±18.6HU to 341.5±17.5HU using the Stellant FLEX injector and from 287.3±16.7 to 339.5±28.4HU using the standard Stellant injector (P >0.415). SNR values between the groups revealed no significant differences (17.9±12.4 vs. 16.6±13.2) (P=0.203). However, CNR parameters were significant higher in the group of patients examined with the Stellant FLEX injector (10.3±4.9) compared to the control group (8.2±3.6) (P<0.001). Subjective ratings of the technologists showed higher ratings for the Stellant FLEX injector regarding the general operability (medians, 5 vs. 3), the ability to exclude air in the syringe (medians, 5 vs. 4), the cleanability (medians, 5 vs. 3), the user-friendliness (medians, 5 vs. 4), and the overall user experience with the injector (medians, 5 vs. 4).

Our study demonstrates that the new Stellant FLEX injection system allows for consistent high quality CCTA scanning with increased usability and operational efficiency. New injector features such as the ability to safely exclude air in the syringe and to easily clean the system in the scan room directly enhance workflow efficiency.