E5243. A Pictorial Essay: Imaging of Various Cardiothoracic Devices
  1. Mamta Gupta; Yale University
  2. Cristina Fuss; Yale University
  3. Babina Gosangi; Yale University
  4. Ami Rubinowitz; Yale University
  5. Leah Traube; Yale University
  6. Anna Bader; Yale University
  7. Christopher Gange; Yale University
Cardiothoracic devices have become integral components of modern medical care, contributing to the management of a wide spectrum of cardiovascular and thoracic conditions. The accurate interpretation of cardiothoracic device imaging is paramount for clinical decision-making, device management, and patient care. The proliferation of cardiothoracic devices, ranging from cardiac implants to thoracic prosthetics, has introduced new challenges and opportunities in the realm of radiographic imaging. This exhibit aims to offer a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art imaging strategies employed to assess the placement, function, and potential complications associated with diverse cardiothoracic devices. The exhibit will delve into an array of cutting-edge imaging techniques used to visualize and assess various cardiothoracic devices. The nuances of optimizing imaging parameters, contrast administration, and artifact reduction specific to each device will be addressed.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
Attendees will gain insights into the intricacies of imaging these devices, highlighting the significance of accurate interpretation in patient management. This educational exhibit seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of the evolving landscape in radiographic imaging techniques applied to various cardiothoracic devices. The exhibit will underscore the impact of precise device assessment on therapeutic choices, early detection of malfunctions, and postprocedural surveillance. Real-world case examples will highlight instances where imaging played a pivotal role in guiding medical interventions and enhancing patient outcomes.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
The complex interactions between cardiothoracic devices and imaging technologies often lead to unique challenges, including image distortion, artifacts, and limited visibility of device components. This exhibit will spotlight innovative approaches and advanced postprocessing techniques for enhancing device visualization. As the field of cardiothoracic device imaging continues to evolve, ongoing research and emerging technologies hold the promise of further refining our ability to assess these devices.

The exhibit will conclude with a discussion on future directions, including the integration of artificial intelligence in device recognition and advancements in imaging modalities that hold potential for enhanced device visualization. In conclusion, this exhibit offers a comprehensive exploration of the dynamic landscape of cardiothoracic device imaging. Attendees will gain insights into the intricate techniques, challenges, and clinical implications associated with imaging a wide array of devices, fostering a deeper understanding of how imaging contributes to effective patient care in the realm of cardiovascular and thoracic medicine.