E5147. Acute Scrotal Pathology: Ultrasound Imaging
  1. Jose Ramos Avalos; No Affiliation
  2. Mauro Herrero; No Affiliation
  3. Victor Larrañaga-; ; No Affiliation
  4. Lina Robledo; No Affiliation
  5. German Espil; No Affiliation
  6. Shigeru Kozima; No Affiliation
Scrotal pathology is a medical and surgical emergency and frequent reason for consultation in the emergency unit. Acute scrotum is a clinical picture characterized by the appearance of acute pain, accompanied by swelling and inflammatory signs. The development of high-frequency transducers and the incorporation of color Doppler ultrasound are helpful in therapeutic decision making, it is the ideal method for monitoring scrotal pathologies. In 95% of cases, acute scrotal syndrome will occur due to torsion of the spermatic cord, orchiepididymitis, and torsion of the appendix; we can also find testicular trauma and complications of inflammatory pathology.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
Review the main acute pathologies of the scrotum and their findings by ultrasound. Identify the most frequent entities that need early intervention, so that the radiologist defines a diagnosis as accurate as possible. Exemplify the scrotal pathology through cases presented in the service.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Doppler ultrasonography.

The acute scrotal pathology that we can find in an emergency service is varied. Ultrasound signs will guide us to recognize and differentiate those that require immediate or surgical treatment from those that can be resolved only with conservative measures, which is essential for the interdisciplinary role of radiologist.