E5030. A Showcase of New Innovations in Cardiothoracic Imaging: Revolutionizing Chest Imaging
  1. Mamta Gupta; Yale University
  2. Christopher Gange; Yale University
  3. Anna Bader; Yale University
  4. Manohar Roda; Yale University
  5. Babina Gosangi; Yale University
The field of cardiothoracic imaging has been undergoing a remarkable transformation with the integration of cutting-edge CT hardware advances and new technologies. Examples are pulmonary functional imaging, Ultra high-resolution CT (UHR-CT), photon-counting CT (PC-CT), phase-contrast CT, hardware advances, and imaging applications of artificial intelligence. These innovations will be paving the way for unprecedented advancements in diagnostic accuracy, patient care, and treatment planning. In recent years, the landscape of radiology has been undergoing rapid technological progress. This exhibit seeks to highlight innovative developments in cardiothoracic imaging, including artificial intelligence (AI) applications, advanced imaging techniques, and multimodal approaches, all of which hold immense promise for enhancing diagnostic capabilities and patient outcomes. This educational exhibit aims to illuminate the latest innovations that will be revolutionizing cardiothoracic imaging, showcasing their profound impact on clinical practice.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
1) List and discuss various new innovations and cardiothoracic radiology. 2) Recognize different diagnostic applications of these new advancements and their usefulness in various conditions encountered in thoracic radiology. 3) Discuss limitations and pitfalls of newer technologies. 4) This presentation will cover many of these classical imaging techniques through quiz-based questions answers, and findings will be described in teaching points.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Cutting-edge imaging modalities have transcended transitional limitations, enabling comprehensive assessments of cardiothoracic conditions. This exhibit will feature developing breakthrough advancements and cardiothoracic imaging, which will provide unparalleled visualization of the imaging findings. Attendees will gain insights into how these techniques contribute to precise diagnosis and personalized treatment strategies. The educational exhibit will culminate with a discussion on the real-world impact of these innovations on clinical practice. Attendees will be encouraged to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by these transformative technologies. Furthermore, insights into ongoing research and potential future directions in cardiothoracic imaging be provided.

This exhibit offers a comprehensive overview of the remarkable advancements in radiology that are going to reshape the landscape of cardiothoracic care. By exploring artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions, advanced imaging techniques, multimodal integration, and personalized medicine approaches, attendees will gain a profound appreciation for the potential of these innovations to drive improved outcomes and redefine the practice of the cardiothoracic radiology.