E5016. Leveraging Advanced PowerScribe Features to Improve Dictation Efficiency
  1. Kyle Tegtmeyer; Yale University
  2. Jeffers Nguyen; Yale University
  3. Long Tu; Yale University
PowerScribe (Nuance/Microsoft, USA) is the most commonly used dictation software within radiology, with prior reports indicating PowerScribe has a market share as high as 81% within radiology practices within the U.S. Many radiologists are aware of and utilize the ability to create report templates within PowerScribe to facilitate their dictations; some studies have demonstrated that the use of standardized templates is associated with improved report readability among ordering providers. However, there are many advanced, less commonly used features built into PowerScribe accessible to clinical radiologists without the need for administrative privileges. If implemented correctly, these features may help to improve dictation efficiency and reduce time spent crafting each dictation. This educational exhibit seeks to instruct radiologists how to leverage these advanced features to improve dictation efficiency.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
The goal of this educational exhibit is to familiarize the radiologist with some of the less commonly used features within PowerScribe. We additionally seek to demonstrate how radiologists can improve their efficiency by utilizing these advanced features. This exhibit provides step-by-step guidance for making use of these features, accessible to all clinical radiologists without the need for administrative privileges. Some of these highlighted features include associating macros with imaging examination codes, assigning shortcut names to macros, building nested macros, utilizing the PowerScribe “Findings” mode, and optimizing PowerMic Dictaphone settings, among many others. We discuss the integration of these features with external input devices and other efficiency-oriented applications, such as Autohotkey.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Our instructions and demonstrations are based on PowerScribe One (v2019.5). Steps for utilization of each feature come from instructions provided within Nuance support documentation], and through the authors’ own experience with implementing each feature. Please note that implementation and available features may differ between institutions and varying implementations of PowerScribe (though documentation for the older PowerScribe 360 are largely unchanged in our newer version of PowerScribe One). Possible benefits of each feature, as well as step-by-step instructions and pictographic diagrams, are provided within the accompanying PowerPoint.

This educational exhibit demonstrates how advanced features within PowerScribe can be implemented by radiologists to improve dictation efficiency. Radiologists may benefit from further investigation into the degree of efficiency gains associated with correctly implementing each advanced feature. These highlighted efficiency features can also be leveraged in conjunction with other efficiency-focused software solutions. Lastly, placing a greater importance on building effective macros can engender collaboration on shared resources for our broader professional community.