E3479. Sound Waves for Sore Soles: Sonographic Evaluation of the Plantar Foot
  1. Jacob Ramsey; Jefferson Health - Einstein Philadelphia
  2. Ben Comora; University of San Diego
  3. Tetyana Gorbachova; Jefferson Health - Einstein Philadelphia
  4. Cheryl Kirby; Jefferson Health - Einstein Philadelphia
Walking is a fundamental activity of daily living that is often taken for granted, and foot pain can lead to reduced physical activity and decreased social involvement. This educational exhibit aims to highlight plantar foot pathologies that can be confidently evaluated with ultrasound and identify indeterminate or concerning findings that warrant further evaluation with additional imaging such as radiographs or MRI.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
Review anatomy of the plantar foot including sonographic correlates. Discuss ultrasound techniques with attention to patient positioning, transducer choice, machine settings, and maneuvers for evaluation of the plantar foot. Present the ultrasound appearance of plantar pathologies such as foreign bodies, warts, plantar fibromatosis, plantar fasciitis, Morton neuroma, and others. Discuss when to recommend MRI for further evaluation.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Ultrasound imaging of the plantar foot including superficial foot lesions such as plantar warts and epidermoid cysts, foreign bodies with spectrum of inflammatory change, Morton neuroma and mimickers such as bursitis, ganglion cysts, and giant cell tumor of tendon sheath, etc. and findings and sonographic signs of plantar fibromatosis.

We hope this exhibit will enable viewers to confidently diagnose common pathologies of the plantar foot with ultrasound and recognize indeterminate or concerning features requiring further imaging.