E2186. Putting a Face to the Name: A Review of Injury Eponyms and the History Behind Their Names
  1. Troy Lewis; Macneal Hospital
Musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology contains myriad injuries named eponymously. While this nomenclature can allow for concise and accurate shorthand description of injuries (which can be fun to use), the terminology itself can be confusing and unhelpful if one is not familiar with said eponym (which is quite frustrating). This exhibit will briefly review many of the numerous MSK radiology eponyms, but with a unique focus. With each eponym reviewed, a dash of history behind each corresponding name will be discussed to bring out the distinctness of each eponym. Doing so also allows us to revisit the past to learn more about these prominent individuals who played a role in helping influence the field of medicine while showcasing snippets of how medicine was practiced in the times in which they lived.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
Review common (and some uncommon) MSK radiology eponyms. Discuss the unique history behind the individual of each named eponym.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Numerous musculoskeletal trauma eponyms will be presented.

MSK eponyms can be an efficient shorthand for communicating types of injuries, but only if one is familiar with this terminology. Many of these eponyms have a unique history behind their names, which can improve the understanding of each eponym and give greater insight into the history of medicine and prominent physicians of the past.