E2469. Pilot Testing of Self-Directed Learning Module for Safe Administration of Intravenous Contrast Media in Cross-Sectional Radiological Studies
  1. Shiying Wu; Singapore General Hospital
  2. Eelin Tan; KK Womens' and Childrens' Hospital
  3. Rebekah Lee; Singapore General Hospital
  4. Tran Nguyen; Singapore General Hospital
  5. Melissa Lee; Singapore General Hospital
  6. Timothy Tan; KK Womens' and Childrens' Hospital
Intravenous contrast media (IVCM) is routinely administered in most cross-sectional radiological studies to improve diagnostic sensitivity. Although IVCM usage is generally safe, it can be associated with certain safety issues or contraindicated in some patients. At our institution, IVCM is typically vetted and prescribed by the duty radiologist according to local risk-stratified medical guidelines. However, there has been no formal prescribed training to perform IVCM vetting. This study explores the utility of a self-directed learning module in equipping radiology staff with relevant clinical knowledge of IVCM usage in CT and MRI studies.

Materials and Methods:
The authors developed a comprehensive four-part didactic video addressing IVCM usage and related safety issues. The learning module was delivered to a group of 29 radiographers and nurses over one month. Thereafter, knowledge pertaining to IVCM usage was assessed with a post-module quiz (maximum score of 30), which was benchmarked against 14 first-year trainee radiologists, who were not exposed to the learning module. Median scores were recorded and compared with the Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon test.

Radiographers and nurses who completed the learning module achieved median score of 26/30 (range, 20 to 30) compared to 22/30 (range, 17 to 25) for trainee radiologists (p < 0.001), which was statistically significant.

The learning module was useful in equipping radiographers and nurses with essential knowledge of IVCM usage, which suggests that they can also contribute to IVCM vetting competently. This study also highlights the relative lack of dedicated training for junior trainee radiologists performing IVCM vetting tasks. Thus, the learning module should be incorporated into the training curricula for trainee radiologists, radiographers and nurses.