E1832. The Road Less Travelled: Uncommon Breast Lesions
  1. Miguel Rosado; Rutgers University - New Jersey Medical School
  2. Samuel Elias; Rutgers University - New Jersey Medical School
  3. Mark Galan; Rutgers University - New Jersey Medical School
  4. Magdalena Salvador; Rutgers University - New Jersey Medical School
Uncommon lesions of the breast can present a diagnostic challenge for radiologists. These breast lesions range from systemic diseases to benign and malignant tumors. The imaging features of these lesions are broad and usually nonspecific, with histopathologic examination often required to make the diagnosis when radiologic imaging is inconclusive. This presentation is a case-based study of uncommon breast lesions, aimed at increasing the familiarity of radiologists with these lesions, as well as correlating different imaging modality characteristics and histopathologic findings.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
The goals of this presentation are to illustrate and discuss uncommon breast lesions; demonstrate multimodality imaging characteristics of seldom seen breast lesions; describe the histopathologic characteristics of rare lesions involving the breast and correlate with imaging findings to provide a framework for accurate diagnosis and management; show pearls and pitfalls through illustrations and sample cases.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
In this educational exhibit, we will present multimodality imaging of uncommon breast lesions, including mammography, ultrasound, and MRI; histopathologic features will also be reviewed. Sample cases and teaching points will be demonstrated to emphasize important imaging and clinical features.

Uncommon lesions of the breast are easily misdiagnosed due to broad and nonspecific radiologic imaging features. It is important for radiologists to be mindful of when further workup with biopsy and histopathologic examination are needed to arrive at the correct diagnosis to help facilitate timely patient management.