2916. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Analysis of IMG Applicants’ Experience in the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Match
Authors * Denotes Presenting Author
  1. Melina Hosseiny *; UCSD
  2. David Yousem ; Johns Hopkins Hospital
Analyze the proportion of the Diagnostic Radiology (DR) residency positions filled by International Medical School Graduates (IMG), American Medical School Graduates (AMG MD), and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) applicants. Compare these values with other specialties. Analyze DR residency match results for IMGs in each state.

Materials and Methods:
The official published data of the national residency match program (NRMP) for the 2020 Main Residency Match were accessed and reviewed from the NRMP website (www.nrmp.org/main-residency-match-data/). The proportions of DR residency positions filled by U.S. citizen and non-U.S. citizen IMGs were compared with the overall match results for all applicants and specialties. Match data were reviewed state-wise to assess the distribution of IMGs ranked into DR residency spots.

Overall, 990 PGY2 and 123 PGY1 DR residency positions were offered, of which 967 PGY2 and 116 PGY1 spots were filled. Of the filled PGY2 spots, the proportion of AMG MD, DO, non-U.S. IMGs and U.S. IMG applicants were 72.1%,14.8%, 8%, and 5.1%, respectively. The share of IMG applicants from the filled DR spots was lower compared to the average of all specialties. Among applicants who ranked DR as their only choice, 60.4% of non-U.S. and 67.9% of US IMGs were matched, compared to a match rate of 97.8% for AMG MD and 97% for DO applicants whose only choice for specialty was DR. At the state-wise level, the ratio of matched IMGs/total DR residency spots was highest at AZ (62.5%, 5/8) followed by MI (38%, 8/21), MA (25%, 15/60), FL (25%, 13/52), and NY (19.1%, 26/136). There were 19 states who did not have any IMGs match into their DR Residency spots. Of these, NC (n=28), GA (n=23), and VA (n=21) had the highest number of eligible DR residency spots.

IMGs filled 14.8% of the DR residency positions in the 2020 main residency match, compared to 21.7% of total residency positions filled by IMGs in all specialties. Overall, AZ, MI, MA, FL, and NY were the most IMG-friendly states, and 19 states with DR residency spots had no IMG applicants match. The findings have implications for the goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the radiology specialty.