ARRS 2022 Abstracts


E1896. The Chewman Show: Selected Odontogenic Lesions
  1. Paresh Rangani; LSUHSC
  2. Francisco Brito-Encarnacion; LSUHSC
  3. Joe Park; LSUHSC
  4. Mark Froom; LSUHSC
  5. Vincent Carey; LSUHSC
Odontogenic lesions are common and include a wide variety. There are over 50 histological classifications of odontogenic lesions. These lesions should be differentiated based on their location and features to help limit the differential diagnosis. Reviewing detailed characteristics of select odontogenic lesions is beneficial to the young radiologist for proper classification.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
This exhibit provides several cases illustrating the pertinent imaging characteristics of selected odontogenic lesions. Clinical presentation, pathology, treatment, and associations, if applicable, are also discussed.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Selected common, and a few rare, cases of cystic and solid odontogenic lesions are presented. With the variety of odontogenic lesions, either radiography, CT, MR, or a combination of modalities are used to demonstrate the pathognomonic features. These features, primarily the appearance and location, are identified and discussed in this exhibit.

There is a large list of histological classifications of odontogenic lesions. Radiologists should be proficient in recognizing odontogenic lesions to help limit the differential.