ARRS 2022 Abstracts


E1567. Incidental Extramammary Findings on Breast MRI
  1. Frances Perez; University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  2. Jay Parikh; University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  3. Gary Whitman; University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Continuous advancement in breast coil performances has increased the detection of extramammary findings on breast MRI. Given the larger field of view and superior soft tissue resolution, breast MRI is the only breast imaging modality that consistently captures extramammary findings. In the setting of breast cancer and other malignancies, incidental extramammary findings are more likely to be malignant and may affect staging and treatment. Radiologists should be aware of a wide spectrum of extramammary findings, in addition to being able to distinguish clinically significant versus inconsequential findings to determine what additional

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
The purpose of this education exhibit is to review extramammary findings on breast MRI to identify clinically significant and inconsequential findings and to detail proper management recommendations.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Extramammary findings on breast MRI to include a thyroid mass, liver masses, primary lung cancer, bronchogenic cyst, and extradural spinal mass first seen on MRI. These findings were then identified with dedicated cross imaging including ultrasound, CT, and MRI.

With the increased use of breast MRI not only for breast cancer but in the high-risk screening population and improvement of breast coils, there has been an increase in the detection of extramammary findings. Not only is it important to identify these findings but to distinguish which ones are clinically relevant and which findings are inconsequential.