ARRS 2022 Abstracts


E1470. The Unspoken Anomalies of Pancreas
  1. Angelica Patino; UMass Chan Medical School - Baystate
  2. Devrim Ersahin; UMass Chan Medical School - Baystate
In this exhibit, we will review radiographic findings, causes, associations, and complications of rare and not so common pancreatic abnormalities that could be eventually encountered on the practice. Special emphasis will be paid on conditions that could mimic other abnormalities and directly impact patient management.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
This exhibit will present cases of pancreatic conditions including anular pancreas (partial and complete); ectopic pancreas (with sequela of chronic pancreatitis); dorsal pancreatic agenesis vs. focal pancreatic atrophy; fatty replacement of pancreas, fatty atrophy pancreas, and lipomatous pseudohypertrophy; transplant pancreas; primary hemochromatosis with pancreatic iron deposition; intrapancreatic accessory spleen; and hemosuccus pancreaticus. We will describe radiographic findings, causes, associations, and complications of these conditions, pProvide teaching points to differentiate these conditions from other mimics, and reinforce the importance of recognizing these entities and potential impact on patient management.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
This exhibit presents a multimodality approach of cases including CT (C+, pancretic mass protocol), US, MRI (with MRCP). A nuclear medicine study is anticipated to be presented as well.

Although some pancreatic abnormalities may present infrequently in daily practice, it is important to review them as their accurate recognition will positively impact patient outcomes.