ARRS 2022 Abstracts


E1413. Duplex Sonography of Hemodialysis Access With Angiography Correlate: A Review
  1. Thomas Le; Olive View UCLA Medical Center
  2. Brian Quinn; Olive View UCLA Medical Center
  3. George Wu; University Radiology
  4. Karoly Viragh; Olive View UCLA Medical Center
  5. Anokh Pahwa; Olive View UCLA Medical Center
  6. Gail Hansen; Olive View UCLA Medical Center
  7. Margaret Lee; Olive View UCLA Medical Center
Duplex ultrasound of hemodialysis access is frequently encountered in clinical practice. Ultrasound is used for surveillance of access, troubleshooting if there is a problem with dialysis, and procedural planning. The purpose of this exhibit is to review duplex ultrasound of hemodialysis access and apply that knowledge to interventional radiologic procedures.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
This exhibit aims to review anatomy of fistula, types of fistula and grafts, techniques in imaging acquisition, and ultrasound criteria of dialysis access dysfunction. We also illustrate the spectrum of commonly encountered interventions.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
This exhibit focuses on ultrasound of upper and lower extremity fistula and grafts and their corresponding angiograms.

Duplex sonography is critically important for surveillance, troubleshooting, and planning interventions for hemodialysis fistula and grafts.