ARRS 2022 Abstracts


E1390. Uncovering Quality Gaps in Radiology: Utilizing Health Care Quality Metrics to Improve Patient-Centered Care and Drive Value
  1. Hima Prabhakar; PennMedicine/University of Pennsylvania
  2. Dayna Levin; PennMedicine/University of Pennsylvania
Driving value in health care requires the ability to view different stakeholder perspectives, as well as measure outcomes to improve quality. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) six domains of quality can be utilized to analyze health care quality from the patient’s perspective and to identify ways to improve patient care and decrease low-value care. Estimating total costs of different radiology procedures can help drive value by eliminating waste and streamlining processes. Utilizing tools to systematically perform and prioritize quality improvement can reduce unnecessary variation, create a culture of learning and safety, and drive value through increasing quality. Although health care costs are often opaque to both patients and providers, understanding how to analyze quality metrics is essential for radiologists to drive value-based care.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
Utilizing radiology centered case-based examples, we will (1) discuss the concepts of value-based care and patient-centered care; (2) define IOMs six domains of healthcare quality and how they relate to patient care and quality; (3) define the value equation and learn how to estimate costs in radiology and how to eliminate system waste; and (4) suggest innovative approaches to combat overutilization and low-value care in radiology to contain costs and improve value.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Key points of this exhibit include value-based care, patient-centered care, IOMs six domains of health care quality, and overutilization and system waste.

The increased shift to value-based care requires radiologists and administrators to closely evaluate the value equation and devise innovative solutions to decrease low-value care and eliminate system waste.