ARRS 2022 Abstracts


E1389. Utilizing Strategies and Techniques from Operations Management Theory to Streamline Radiology Workflow and Improve the Patient Experience
  1. Hima Prabhakar; PennMedicine/University of Pennsylvania
  2. Dayna Levin; PennMedicine/University of Pennsylvania
Radiology departments can utilize current concepts in operations management to streamline complex processes, shorten wait times, decrease provider burnout, and ultimately enhance the patient experience. Utilizing tools such as process maps to evaluate key performance indicators (KPI), forecasting techniques to estimate demand/capacity and smooth variability, and systematic analysis of bottlenecks can highlight inefficiencies and areas for improvement. Familiarity with these tools can assist departments in identifying fixes that could easily improve the patient experience, understand root causes of errors, and discover systemic problems for which allocation of additional resources would be necessary. Additionally, gaining insight from multiple perspectives, including patients, staff, ordering providers, and radiologists is an essential component in creating the framework necessary to effect change.

Educational Goals / Teaching Points
For this exhibit, we plan to utilize a real-world radiology case study (i.e., communicating radiology results) to discuss (1) the importance of utilizing operations management techniques to improve work flow and streamline complex processes in radiology and health care; (2) tools to evaluate KPIs (medical, non-medical, operational, provider-centric, financial) in radiology departments; (3) how to use process maps and diagrams/charts (fishbone, Pareto, waterfall, overall equipment effectiveness [OEE] chart) to improve understanding of physician workflow, patient through-put, and bottlenecks; (4) integrating forecasting techniques to quantify demand variability to efficiently address staffing needs; and (5) discuss means to gain buy-in through engagement of physician and staff.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques
Key points of this exhibit include operations management theory, KPI process mapping, physician workflow, and patient satisfaction

Adopting commonly utilized techniques from operations management theory can allow radiology departments to maximize efficiency, decrease radiologist/staff burnout, and ultimately, improve the patient experience.